Crafting a Cannabis Yoga Home Practice

Giovanny Bautista

Posted on June 01 2018

Written by Anna Cantwell

If you’ve ever taken a toke and started stretching, you know just how liberating cannabis yoga can be! One of my students said after class, “I feel like I let go of 5 years of tension.”

Yoga alone boasts incredible benefits for mental and physical health. Adding cannabis provides elevated body sensitivity, increased blood flow, a deeper spiritual connection, and the gift of full presence. The best part is that you don’t need to leave your house! Follow these 5 steps to create a cannabis yoga experience at home.


  •      1. Stretch it out

  • Pick a spot inside (or outside!) your home with plenty of space for the body to move. Roll out your mat or a blanket, and grab a water or tea. Set the scene with comforting totemsa fluorite crystal to bring peace & fluidity, a candle to fixate on, and of course, your chosen method of consumption.

    1. Appeal to the Senses


    With heightened awareness, treat your senses to a feast! Make a playlist of your favorite music (or check out one of mine on Spotify!), light some incense, apply some soothing essential oils (like lavender or lime), wear your comfiest clothes (or none at all), and use soft blankets and pillows as props.

    1. Set your Intention

    Choosing one powerful worda feeling you’d like to leave with or focus onguides the session. State your intention aloud and tune into your breathing. Inhales and exhales through the nose will signal to your body that it’s time to relax!

    1. Honor the Plant


    Whether you are smoking herb from a rose quartz pipe, or nibbling on an edible, take a few deep breaths and express some gratitude for all the delicious relaxation your body will experience. Be mindful of your strain, ratio, and dosage. For an active class, try a Sativa with a higher ratio of CBD. For first-timers to yoga, I recommend topicalsa great way to dip your yogi-toes and reap the anti-inflammatory benefits.

    1. Go with the Flow

    Maybe you’ve got the cannabis part down, and yoga is something new. Use this time to explore the body and listen to it. You can always ask a teacher for guidance, or dive into the world of yoga online. Need a place to start? Try some slow sun salutations.

    Remember, you know your body better than anyone, so take it slow and treat this time as sacred. You are caring for the divine!


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