Lady Robin Hood Slots

Lady Robin Hood Slots


The Lady Robin Hood slots concept is a derivative of Robin hood slots. Lady Robin hood comes with 5-reel slots. The slots are packed with unique features such as free spins, sticky wilds, and stacked symbols. Other benefits included are bonuses from random arrow mystery wild and much more.


What lady robin slot game is


Lady Robin Hood, just as Robin Hood, is depicted as the lady with the bravery to rob the rich and give to the poor. It seems like lady robin is receiving similar attention as robin hood, a kind of twist a majority weren’t anticipating.


Since lady Robin Hood slots have 5reel slots, it is accompanied by four-row slots 40 pay lines. The game’s design allows a maximum deposit of $400 bets and a minimum of 40 cents bets. With this feature, the game offers you an opportunity of betting low but winning moderately.


As a player, you will notice the high display quality with colorful images that follow the appropriate theme. Alongside the pictures are items such as a quiver bearing arrows, the portrait of lady Robin, and a pouch of coins. Also, you will notice the reels having colorful symbols.


Half of the ten regular symbols are play cards, with the remaining half associated with medieval items. Apart from the previously mentioned items such as quiver, there is also a sword and metal beer tankard.


Usually, pictures are always considered valuable than playing cards, but this slot has a slight difference in the symbol groups. The payout slots are low, i.e., $1000 is the maximum payout for the five robin hoods. On the other hand, five Aces generate a maximum payout of $500.


It is worth noting that you can get a maximum of $250,000 from any random combination of wins for each game. If you prefer long-term play, you can expect an RTP average of 94%, which is considerably low.


The theme of the game


The work of lady Robin is relatively straightforward and similar to that of the original Robin Hood. The typical expectation of lady Robin slots might not be on point entirely, but it is better than on the machine.


The comfort of graphical representation of the green forest spectacularly blends with the accompanying background music sounds. We can all agree that the comfort level lady Robin has offered is good.


You might not be able to see much, but the appearance of the reels is pretty clear; some trees and tall grass are visible enough. Physical appearance on designs and symbols are an icon and play card royal mixture fitting the theme excellently.


Other icons such as mugs of ale, gold and silver coin pouch, swords, and a quiver full of arrows are designed on point. The intended medieval origin mixes well with the theme alongside the supposed time of lady robin’s existence.


The Free spins feature


To trigger the ten free spins, you must get the slot symbol on the first reel, third, and fifth. It might not be easy to win, but your chances of winning are fairly high.


After playing through and winning, the game will award you ten free spins with a 2x multiplier. These free spins are what you will be using during the bonus rounds.


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Bullseye Bonus round


The bullseye event is triggered only if, during a regular play, three lady Robin symbols match up. Then, your player avatar is swept into the forest on the onset of an alarm ring accompanied by a change in the background music. After, that the bonus round begins.


To earn payout(s), you must have the bonus reels you get from three arrows and ten free spins, which the game awards you. Remember that the shields row above the reels is for the arrows, with each shield containing four sections.


The game will fire at a bullseye target randomly at the onset of the game. You will notice that the target will only be concentrated at a specific portion of the shield. If the bullseye target occupies the whole shield, the reel beneath will turn into a wild reel.


The advantage of the reel is to increase your chances of earning a higher bonus payout as you play. However, three arrows cannot fill an entire shield.


Use the target symbols on the bonus reels to earn you extra arrows. You will earn a wild reel if you’re lucky enough to hit the bullseye target with one of the arrows.


The bonus round will only finish once you’ve used up all your free spins and revert to regular reels where you can try your luck again.


Arrow Mystery wild feature


The arrow mystery wild feature gives you eight random wild symbols on a regular spin—the main advantage of this is to increase your winning chances.


Note that the chances of winning a high payout increase anytime the arrows are set to hit the marks on the reels.

You’ll have to admit that the most fun part of playing this game is the bonus rounds and chances of earning a bonus.




While playing through the bonus rounds, it can be exciting and even enticing if you want to keep playing. Alongside entertaining yourself, you’ll also be increasing your chances of a decent payout. Becoming a master at any particular game requires skills acquired over the consistent practice. It is fair, though, to say that lady Robin hood slots have just enough to offer.