6 Ways to Incorporate Weed into Date Night

Meaghan Lehrer

Posted on September 08 2017

Netflix and chill has been a top date night choice for couples long before the phrase was in every other Tinder bio. For many cannabis-loving couples, this trendy combination has been nothing short of heavenly. But smoking and crushing an entire season can get stale, and your usual edible followed by reservations at a trendy spot can get expensive fast.

There are so many other ways to incorporate cannabis into your date night, and these next 6 ideas will bring that spark (no pun intended) back into your romantic evenings out— or in!

DIY cannabis dinner

via: Instagram | @plvntfood

There are so many recipes available online for how to make your own edibles that span far beyond chocolate bars and Swedish fish. You and your partner can literally cook entire meals using cannabis, just make sure you follow directions carefully so you don’t end up clutching the porcelain throne or catapulted into another dimension (that last one may sound fun, but when it comes to edibles, trust me when I say it really isn’t).

Once you’ve cooked up some dank cannabutter, your world of possibilities will open up! And if you are super bold and daring, there are even recipes out there for cannabis lube.


The classic picnic

via: Rhianne Jones 

When’s the last time you had a chill, romantic picnic? Double the romance by adding your favorite strain to the trip or throwing some of your newly-baked cannabis dinners into tupperware and dipping out for the night.

Check out your city’s events and find something like an outdoor movie or concert— both perfect spots for a picnic!— for added entertainment.


Book a couple’s massage

via: Oregon Live 

One of my favorite things to do with my partner is sharing an edible before heading out to something that will be 100% an indulgence (ie: a day by the pool or a scenic walk). But since this is for date night, perhaps something more appropriate would be a relaxing couple’s massage. You can check out Groupon or do a quick Google search to find an affordable nearby spot with great reviews.

It may end up being the most relaxing date night you’ve ever had, and it’ll probably even get you into the mood

Head to a cannabis-friendly yoga class

via: Collective Evolution

It doesn’t even have to be a cannabis-friendly class. As long as you are cannabis-friendly, any yoga class can double as a bit of an herbal refreshment. Since we just posted a Do's and Don’ts breakdown of combining these two incredible activities, you’ll know how to do this in the most practical and safe way possible.

Get lost in a museum

via: The Click Art Museum, Chennai

No, really, get lost and explore each and every spot you are allowed to explore. Get high and act like kids if you’re wandering around a museum meant for children. Get high and interpret the most random art you can find if you’re wandering around something geared more for adults.

You'd be surprised how much you can discover and learn when your mind is open and you’ve allowed yourself to ask questions and seek answers much like children do.


Head to the library

via: The Muslim Girl

One thing I never thought I’d have a total blast doing is getting stoned with my partner, walking to our local branch in Santa Monica, and letting books find us. On our most recent trip to the library, a book all about astrology and the mystical world popped out at me, and we walked back home to read the books that had made themselves known to us while we were still high and open to discovery.

If reading in silence together isn’t your thing, open yourselves up to listening to an audiobook together. You’ll both be high and able to vividly imagine the story and its intricate characters.

*Bonus: This is also a great way to fall asleep at night together. Smoke a little, cuddle up, and just listen.


cover photo courtesy of photographer Simone Becchetti


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