Kana Beauty Skincare Set

Kana Beauty Skincare Set

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We've combined health + beauty in a jar from the best of both worlds with our organic infused Kana beauty skincare set. Lay back, relax, and allow your skin to transform to the best version of itself. Kana skincare products is legal in 50 States.

Set includes:

Lavender Sleeping Mask: Use this sleeping mask as the last step of your night time skin care routine. Scoop a suitable amount and apply an even layer on clean skin (face + neck). Pat gently and let it absorb. Leave it on overnight and wash off with warm water the next morning. Use 3 times a week for amazing results!

- EFG Botanical Essence: Use on clean skin after toner. Apply a suitable amount of Active Botanical Essence on face and neck, pat / massage gently into skin and let it absorb. Follow with moisturizer or sunscreen.

- Purple Rice Sleeping Mask: Use this sleeping mask as a last step to your nightly routine using a suitable amount on your neck and face after toning. Simply sleep and wash off with warm water in the morning.

- LIT Premium Facial Oil: Apply a few drops alone, or mix in with moisturizer on face and neck. It can also be used to refresh make up (pat gently) after a long day to give the skin a natural glow and radiant look.  


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